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Tamsu gazed down at the face of a dead man. It seemed that the years had been kind to Sorall's roguish features. The shuttle crash, less so.

She had not seen Sorall since her university days; when they were young and hopeful, and when the Tal Shiar had, no doubt, first marked them as 'agitators'. It was not a great surprise to see him here; Sorall never did like facing his fears alone, and had had a knack for finding people who didn't want to be found. The only mystery is why he thought the Tal Shiar would allow him to disappear to a far away backwater this late in the game.

It was stupid for her to be here. Not that there was much choice really. As an acquaintance of the deceased, and as the commander of Serriena's small town security department, her avoiding this responsibility would have drawn the wrong sort of attention all too quickly. Tamsu had been working very hard to avoid drawing attention of that kind lately.

Patrolman Ansavi, one of her very few subordinates, shifted restlessly by the door. 'I do not wish to rush you Commander, but the doctor wants to lock up for the night soon.'

Tamsu sighed wearily. 'Of course. I confirm, for the record, that this is indeed Sorall Dhesh.' Ansavi nodded and made a note on his PADD. 'We are certain it was an accident?'

The Patrolman nodded again. 'We have checked everything we can, given the damage. No signs of foul play.'

She accepted that without comment. If there had been signs of foul play, it would mean the Tal Shiar probably hadn't been involved; not much chance of that under the circumstances. Tamsu bade Ansavi goodnight, and started walking; and thinking. Twelve former students; once a close circle of friends with high ideals. Twelve one time campaigners for change and reform. Eight were now dead.

D'Elon, and Sahen, taken by the Tal Shiar for 'questioning' and never seen again.

Nveid, supposedly murdered by the Hirogen; even though poor fat Nveid Hweirai, and his heap of a merchant ship, would surely have been no sport for the Hunters.

Vaoben apparently killed confronting an armed intruder in his home; despite him being both a pacifist and a coward, who owned little worth stealing.

Hannam, Llran, and Hanajh, one by one, simply gone. Vanished without a trace.

And now, Sorall.

Of the four who remained, Lovok had defected to the Federation, perhaps the catalyst for all of this, and who knew where the ever adventurous Erren wandered? Erren never left traces; he was as safe as could be. Only Tamsu and Yhea were still in danger. She had thought them well hidden here, but the Tal Shiar were certain to wonder why Sorall had chosen to come to this world. If they didn't already know where she and Yhea were, they soon would.

Whatever they thought, there was no conspiracy. No fiendish plan to topple an Empire. Her student days on Rator Prime were far behind her, and contact with most of her companions of old had been infrequent and perfunctory for over two decades now. Only Yhea remained amongst her friends these days; and Yhea had never been more than casually involved in the student protests. But the Tal Shiar's paranoia was going to kill them both if they let it.


Yhea answered the knock on her door to find Tamsu gazing up the stars with troubled eyes. Her old friend spoke without looking at her.

'It is time to go.'
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