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04-17-2013, 02:58 PM
No offense to Cat, but I still feel like all he did was reskin the UI in a psudo LCARs when he could've gone further and actually improved it.

Though it's in progress HERE is what I been working on in an attempt to improve the current UI.

(Still Work-In-Progress).

I found it that you guys could've made it truely more LCARs and merged the weapon window with the Shield / Hull UI. Because much of that was just redundant.

I changed the power window in part omage to the Excelsior Power Sceen and also improving it where the icons could become the lock buttons.

Above the Chat Bar is the BUFF / DEBUFF Icon location (so those with multiple buffs, no longer have to have it covering your UI Elements.

And the toolbar is more LCARish with newer buttons that change color depending on the Icon.

Black = Not Used
Outline = Device
Light Blue = Captain Powers
Gray = Universal Ship Consoles
Blue = Science
Dark Blue = Weapons Offline

And I plan on making a copy of this in Red Alert with the Red alert Icon at the top with flashes into the Red Alert like we had at the bottom of the viewscreens in Star Trek.

And I'm even in the concept phase of a Klingon UI thats actually different.

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