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04-17-2013, 03:28 PM
The thing with running a healer build in PvE, STFs in particular, is that there are really just 3 main ways people die. One is that they simply don't have good survivability in their build, or don't know when to use their survival abilities, and then come under an ordinary fairly heavy amount of fire. If that's the case you might buy them a few more seconds, but they're still going to end up dead pretty rapidly and you won't be able to save them. Then there are the times when it's just straight up too much firepower, like getting all of the spheres in ISE on you at once (happens to me a lot), which is just going to overwhelm anything anyone can do. And finally there are the massive torp hits that can be 100k damage through full shields, and the only way anyone ever survives those is if they hit Brace for Impact at just the right moment. There are, as always, occaisional exceptions, but that is the rule on how these things go. So ultimately a healer build isn't very useful, and that's the only kind of team buff build we have.

For enemy debuffing, that comes down to the power drains (which are unfortunately quite weak, but probably the best we've got), the AoE damage abilities (which can stop heavy plasma torps, but do little else), and resistance debuffs (the main one of which is APB, a tac ability). The other options are holds, disables, and sensor things, but the dangerous targets move too slowly to be worth holding, the disable abilities are too short and random to be of much use for PvE (in PvP throwing your target off a little for a few seconds can get you a kill, though), and the sensor things are too short, break too easily, and don't even matter half the time because of the structure of the fight.

So what you tend to see on sci builds is Grav Well and/or Repulsors (to control the movement of smaller enemy vessels that are critical to the optional), and then some power drains and things to try to make the enemies a little less potent. Probably the best of those is Siphon, followed by Tyken's, and of course GW and TBR have a secondary role in stopping those torps (but be very very careful with TBR, you can't move a structure, cube, or tac cube, but anything else will go flying very rapidly, which can cause major problems, I don't even trust myself with the thing).

Finally, a note on teams. For STFs I would consider Tac Team the most important of the 3, because it's the one that counters the main annoying debuff the borg have: Assimilate Ship. If left active that will put all your abilities on cooldown, first for around 1 second, then a little longer, then again a little longer, until its uptime finally runs out. That's a major detriment to your capabilities, but Tac Team can remove it instantly.