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04-17-2013, 03:43 PM
A few pages back, I said I was having fun with my Ambassador after months of escort flying. I'm still using it and have decided to buy some modules for EC and get the Fleet Exclesior in a few weeks when we reach T3.

I decided my Klingon would have to get back in on the cruiser action so hangared the Bug and blew the dust off the D'Kora. I tried a plasma build with 3 DBB and experimental array up front, 3 turrets and the KCB in the rear. The ZP console and 3 X [+PLA] embassy consoles help to up the damage and the dragon build of 2 X EPTS and 2X EPTW keep everything powered up so well that weapon power doesn't go below 100 even after BO3. I just parsed an ISE at 7700dps so am well happy with it. Once I figure out what to replace the 3 projectile weapons doffs with, it should be even better!