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I'll have to keep an eye out for the Neutronimum and I do have the jumper, which I use in conjunction with Eject Warp Plasma to basically crop dust my enemies with plasma. Also, is the Borg Cutting Beam in the reputation store, because I haven't unlocked it yet. Also, can anyone suggest better PHASERS than what I have (which you can see in the video I posted a few pages ago)? I wanna try upping my dps with my weapons so I can be a more effective tank. I am almost good at my survivability.
Borg KCB can be found in the rep system. Opens up after you complete the first tier I believe, but cannot recall for certain anymore. Neutronium can be purchased via the dill store. Its blue quality and accessible anytime. As for type of phasers, anything that is XII with ACC is a good bet. If your fleet is high enough they now sell Fleet Phasers at DMG X 2 and ACC X 2. What type is best answered by someone who uses them. I am an antiproton guy myself.
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