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04-17-2013, 04:18 PM
Played 4 more of your missions, and liked them all.

As "usual" I won't review much in text, but have a few thoughts on these.

stardestroyer001, I went senile and brought the Vesta into your mission, but it worked out decent. One thing that annoyed me was the timers in the shuttle during travel. lol Perhaps it wouldn't have if I weren't recording. I liked when the Tholians dropped on me, is that part even beatable?

ashtaku, I actually restarted your mission once. I didn't really get the part that I could take left and use EV suits, and went right with EV suits the first time. And then when I got mission objective to beam out I beamed out (by the beam up button). >.> It was alot smoother in the recorded version though.

marhawkman, Your mission worked better this time around, since you fixed that shipstuck thing. The crew still had problems following me on the map though.

admiralburk, Your mission was long and challenging = I liked it. And YouTube refuses to make it HD it seems so I'm probably gonna redo it, but faster.

The Second Light - By stardestroyer001

The Tangled Webs We Weave - By ashtaku

The Beta Rana Incident - By marhawkman

Where one man has gone before - By admiralburk

Also should you notice bad quality or something with any of the videos, let me know and I might redo them later.

Stay tuned for more...