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04-17-2013, 04:45 PM
I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before (it's a big thread) but the "Open Jacket Uniforms" from the C-Store could use an update. I love the idea of them and did purchase them, but the shirts under the jacket don't match their closed counter parts, and definitely not canon accurate for those that from the shows/movies. Most notable the DS9 and TNG Movie uniforms get stuck with the ripped topped shirts (ala Picard's open jacket uniform from TNG) even though they have a plan shirt, or single zipper down the center respectfully. And the poor women, well apparently they all go commando and don't need to even wear undershirts if they are wearing Sierra or Antares

If you look in the character creator, the shirt is already a separate item, but its locked to its only 2 options; the ribbed TNG shirt or nothing at all. All they need to do is unlock this for "opened jackets" and offer 4 options 1) The current ribbed, 2) Current nothing, 3) A solid plan, 4) Single zipper. That way you'd have fully customization to make it look canon accurate or make something else up yourself.

Seeing how this is an extra paid item, and I can't see the implementation would be too hard considering how things seem on the character creator, I think it would be a nice little touch to spruce up that uniform pack.