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Well, with the changes on Emergency Power to Shields heading for Tribble apparently ruining my cruiser builds, I'd like opinions on getting a substitute build as best as I can.

A few notes as to what I'm looking for:

* Not a healboat. My main is a tac and I'm just plain not interested in being a dedicated healer, although tossing off spare repairs is fine when I can.
* Not an escort. If I want an escort, I'll just use an escort. I want to try this first.
* Ultimately I'm hoping for a DPS-tank, which I've been able to manage plenty well. I'm not interested in perfect match-ups in a pre-made group or anything like that, I enjoy getting in and slugging it out toe-to-toe.
* I don't subscribe to the theory that cruisers "don't need to turn," although having a power of around 50 and an RCS console or two is sufficient (no need for Aux to Dampeners or anything super fancy). I'm not expecting an escort turn rate or even necessarily much of a science turn rate.
* Splitting my attention between 20 different cooldowns, four shield facings, hull HP, four teammates and a dozen or more enemies is extremely difficult and un-fun for me. I need to have the computer help me with this (e.g. chaining), as opposed to waiting for the absolute perfect moment that will probably be off by one second and screw up 2 minutes of planning and maneuvering, and be unrecoverable due to a 3-5 minute cooldown for a power.
* I'd also prefer to avoid major dips and rebounds, so Aux 2 Bat (which I am only vaguely familiar with) probably won't work, at least for now. In fact, I have heard that Aux 2 Bat may be nerfed as well, so it may not even be an option.
* I anticipate tactical team is going to be nerfbatted soon, so I'd like to try to find something to get around that, although I suspect the generic 'redistribute shields' option will be my only recourse, here.

I have no idea if this is even possible, and it may be that I just have to use one of my escorts or Aux 2 Bat (if it's even still usable after all this), but I would appreciate any thoughts on this. Also, I am aware that I am not hyper-optimized for anything, but I seem to be pretty effective at most things with my current setup. For what it's worth, I currently use a Fleet Assault Cruiser.

Thank you for any help you can give me, and again, I realize it may be impossible to come up with a comparable build, but I'd like to see if anyone out there has any suggestions, since I certainly want to try.