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04-17-2013, 06:07 PM
That's why I go with PSW instead of TBR in most cases, personally -- that little bit of knockback and disable it has does the job, while being controllable enough to not worry about using it. Plus, if you're lucky enough to catch an enemy with their shield facing down it can do a real number on them.

My go-to move in something like ISE when I have to "hold the line" so to speak is to fly in, CPB, PSW, and follow up with a spread of tricobalt torpedoes. Worst-case scenario there, I've bought 10-20 seconds for the team. If I ever remember to do it when I'm at an exchange terminal, buying theta radiation vents is on the list since EWP just can't be used by most science vessels.

Though, moving on. The thing about assimilate ship, at least in my experience, is the only time as a science ship you'll get it is if you've managed to hack off the borg righteously enough you're going to end up vaporized one way or the other. Don't let that be a sole arbiter of the choice to take tactical team or not. It's a great ability, and unless you have specific other plans it's probably your best choice, but on the other hand it's hardly "absolutely, positively under any circumstance must" have.