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04-17-2013, 07:23 PM
1st on my wishlist: K'Vort Bird of Prey. Gimme that super heavy disruptor cannons, 5 tac consoles. Call it a battlecruiser ffs. since it was called so in TNG. Just gimme a proper bop with supersized, mean wingtip cannons. Nao !

2nd: Nausicaan flight deck cruiser/ heavy escort carrier triple pack. A horizontal design, following the design principles of the destroyer escort. Just bigger. Delivered with a set of stinger fighters. Leaning towards eng/sci to complement the escort line.

3rd: Tuatara/Draguas cruiser triple pack. The design looks very compact, manouverable and tough. A ship for all the Gorn tac/eng captains out there.

4th: Lethan bird of prey. Since a bop is just the perfect ship for a Lethean assasin.

5th: Orion combat explorer triple pack. Some kind of crossbreed between fleet Nova and Vesta. Leaning towards sci/tac to complement the flying pigs out there.

Yeah, no bloody kitty ship. Go away with this manga crap.