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04-17-2013, 06:56 PM
Originally Posted by magnumstar View Post
I watched the STOked interview and DStahl said he wants to have a Borg faction in the game. Now I usually support any new content for this game but playable Borg? I think this would be a bad idea, the Borg are one dimensional (Sort of like high tech zombies) and should be permanent PVE villains. Every mission would be - Go assimilate [ ] - gee wouldn't that be fun. The only people who would think this would be cool are kids and those who like godmode when they play. The game is slowly slipping into absurdity.

How about the Cardassians, Dominion, or Ferengi for a Player faction?
Borg have need thown out there as a possible long term faction for a while. There are some who love the idea, there are some, like you, who hate it.

Not sure the Ferengi would make a good faction either to be honest. The Ferengi Alliance isn't a major power in a political/military sense. They are traders, granted some like that idea, but I am not sure it makes for a fun game.