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04-17-2013, 08:16 PM
Why have better ship models in a game?...Why the hell not?

Tribute vid to the venerable Constitution Class from YT, using Star Trek Bridge Commander with some mods.

Bridge Commander is a very old game from 2002. Yet fans have continuously given this game love with mods expanding the game. Among the mods of course are better ship models.

The video linked above is from 2008, using then-current mods for a then-6 year old PC game. Modern PCs can do a whole lot better now. And it's not like STO has gigantic fleet battles anyways.

Why not have spectacular AND canon-correct in appearance ship models in STO? Why the hell do people around here seem to gladly settle for far less better looking, inaccurate models, especially with canon ships? It amazes me that people settle for mediocrity.

Why NOT have spectacular and correct models for classics such as the Constitutions, Mirandas, Galaxies, Sovereigns, D7 / K'T'Ingas, Vor'Chas?