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Originally Posted by danqueller View Post
Disclaimer: I claim artistic license for any deviations from established Romulan background or cultural setup. I've tried to do my research, but I'm hiding behind the right of an author of a ST episode to completely ignore previous episodes in favor of their story
You are fully within your rights to do so. For instance, as you may have noticed with my first entry, my take is strongly flavored by Diane Duane's Rihannsu novels, whether they're canon or not (although certain place-names and bits of dialog suggest that the writers at STO are using her works as a jumping-off point as well).

I haven't read your story yet, and will probably come back and amend this when I do (a little busy this evening, not sure if I'll be able to get to it right away), but that's still going to be my stance - if it makes a better story, rearrange whatever you need to.

Edit: Unless there's something on the Tribble server that contradicts your tale, I don't see any issues with it - you've extended the ideas, and contradicted nothing of which I'm aware. And you've done a damn fine job of it, too.
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