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Originally Posted by thegreendragoon1 View Post
I like this. Maybe a Borg cube shows up while you're retaking the player ship and the Khitomer covers your escape. Something that prevents the Khitomer from coming to your aid.

Of course if you wanted to make it really dark, you could fight and destroy an assimilated version of the Khitomer at the end.
I am still iffy if the Khitomer even has the authority to make someone a captain of another vessel. And remember it is highly unlikely an ensign would be chosen anyways. So either the captain of the khitomer is incompetent and gives someone a job they are not qualified for, or they abandon a crew member (ie you) and save their own skins. Either way, doesn't say much for that guys career.

Plus there are potentially higher ranking officers on board the ship you are on. Assuming you transfer all the current "beam over to the Khitomer" stuff to the now "beam over to Ship X", you have a Andorian Lieutenant and a Vulcan (?) Commander in Engineering. Don't remember what the Bajoran (again ?) in the transporter room's rank was, but presumably he also outranked you. Any one of these would take over as captain (though logically the Commander first) over an ensign.

The bottomline is any change seems just more silly and absurd then what we currently have.