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04-17-2013, 08:45 PM
Here's what I'm thinking:

You go to the Khitomer's bridge, where Taggart assigns you to join an away team beaming over to help the [ShipName] fight off a Borg boarding party. The [ShipName] has lost most of its crew, including all but one of the senior staff. Over the course of the tutorial the last senior officer from the [ShipName] dies, as does your away team leader. Meanwhile, the Khitomer comes under attack and is assimilated.

Being the highest-ranked officer left on board, you go to the [ShipName]'s bridge and take command. After helping fight off the invasion in much the same way you do in the current tutorial, the assimilated Khitomer warps in and you have to destroy it.

I don't think that's any less implausible than what we have now. Under such circumstances, I wouldn't think it really matters whether you're assigned to the [ShipName] or not.