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Originally Posted by captaind3 View Post
I don't see why all ships that can cloak don't have battle cloak by default.

If you can't cloak in battle then you've eliminated half of the utility.

The hit and run or more accurately strike and fade away aspect of it is lost.
Canon wise the only reason bops had it was due to their small size. However some get a little peeved if it takes away uniqueness from the KDF. Although with there being more reasons to want to play my fed toons more these days. I would welcome the defiant having a battle cloak atleast but those who harp on balance easiest thing to do there is make it where you use 2 consoles for a set effect if you want the battle cloak there.

Although the part about the cloak itself some ships according to canon are too large to be able to cloak and as the romulan liason to the defiant since it was a romulan cloak gave them some pointers on how to use it to try to not be detected which most federation ships have so much power they wouldn't be able to supply power to neccesary systems and keep the ship from being detected.

As well it would serve more of a role if we had content such as territorial control or if an object of the mission was a recon or raid type of thing to require the use of cloaks and battle cloaks which right now we don't have that kind of content for either faction. Although that is why the whole romulan aspect would work for legacy of romulus if it was a 3 faction alliance and not 2 factions at war with each other and then romulans doing what the goals of D'tan are since there is too few Romulans left he wants to unite them. Is only disagreement to me relating to romulan tech and the story from the IP of the battle with sphere builders is at some point all these different factions would basically become a unified alliance. But this story being told with the game along with the aspect of how lockbox ships come out basically is a negative hit to the IP itself.

So really you are right because there isn't really any uniqueness to the game itself as well as there isn't much respect for the IP with this game so they should have cloaks.