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04-17-2013, 09:48 PM
LOL let me close by relating a RW story.

I own a Dodge truck and after making some venison goulash of one of the dumber bucks in the area I had a headlight replaced at the dealership because I was still under warranty.

Little did I know they were secretly thieves replacing OEM parts with cheap knockoffs. Mechanics being one of my hobbies, I caught them at it. They gave me a new headlight assembly which I found was a mislabeled Durango headlight assembly. When I went to return it they refused to give me the correct parts. I casually mentioned to a lawyer friend on one of my beats what they had done.

I now not only have racing headlights, but a waver from the city to have said headlights and that dealership? Well there's an empty lot there now.

Unfair business practices have a way of sneaking up on the perpetrators.