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04-17-2013, 10:04 PM
the problem before was that doing a pug of the mission was nearly impossible. however, when i was with my old fleet, i organized runs of the mission using plans put out by other players, which we adjusted with each attempt. A fleet is better able to organize the use of powers to bring down the entity more efficiently and protect its ships, so in the style of their new fleet oriented content I think cryptic could add a seperate "fleet" event, where the entity is attacking your starbase because some stupid redshirt antagonized it and it followed him or something. It could hand out a ton of fleet marks or dilithium. The event could use the old difficulty, with graphics updates similar to the current mission so we can actually see the small shards returning to the entity (this used to be invisible). I lead a very small fleet, but would be glad to bring in players outside of the fleet to run a more difficult CE.
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