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04-18-2013, 12:19 AM
Originally Posted by daiouvegeta2 View Post
I like this, but two suggestions I would make is to change the names in the drop downs to just the ship names as using the image file names looks a little sloppy.
That is because the drop down list is generated dynamically. The list items are the actual
images which then are used in the variable that displays the image.
The reason I did it this way is that I only have to add a new ship image into the right folder
and I'm done.

Originally Posted by daiouvegeta2 View Post
And, maybe use a placeholder image rather than a broken image when there is no current ship selected when you select a new class.

Also a note: It appears the android app you've created is a link directly to the webpage itself. Which is fine and all. But due to the image broken box that is used when no ship is selected, it stretches both the box and the ship type drop down out and kinda makes everything wonky looking.
I tried to implement a solution to that. Hope it works as intended

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