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Originally Posted by shpoks View Post
Oh man, why did you have to go on and poke in that topic?

If you want my opinion, no Borg faction of any sort should ever be done. To be honest, without trying to insult anyone, I think the whole idea is dumb. You obviously can't play the collective - there are no indivudials in the collective. That worked in Armada, but then you're the Queen ordering Cubes & Spheres around, not an MMO.

A liberated faction would be even worse for me. I mean, I could swallow the Romulans and the way their faction turned out at the end after what J.J. has done to them with Hobus and the way Cryptic developed the aftermath of that. Many people can't swallow that.
But "peaceful" liberated Borg? The Queen & the collective will hunt down any dissidents and they wont succeed - cause they can't win against a player faction. The collective will turn out to be even bigger joke than the faliure that is Sela. Is this the Borg we came to know from Trek?? I hate the way STO is already making clowns from one of the most formidable Star Trek adversaries. A Borg Cube should be a mega-boss in space combat - requiring teams of 20 to take one down. In STO a Defiant can blow multiple Cubes aparat by itself. If the Borg are playable, their ships will become even bigger joke than the NPC ones. They at least had the 'invisible' torp.
Besides, we already have Liberated Borg in game. Those who are liberated would re-join their species. Why would they make a faction that will ally with Feds. or KDF in their war?

I really never understood people's obsession with being Borg in this game. I never made one, I have no desire to play as a drone or a former drone even.
But, I have patiently waited and still wait for Cardassians. I knew that the KDF had to be finished first. I knew that Romulan faction will be the obvious next choice. And I'm still patient for my preffered faction to come in STO. I'm in no rush, I know that still plenty of time would have to pass before this happens, but the Cardassians are amongst the larger and more influental factions in the Trek universe and we do have a lot of material on them. The state the Cardassian Union is in atm makes a perfect sense to use the same model from the Romulan Republic to implement them as a faction. But if Borg happen to become playable before this, sadly it could be a dealbreaker between me and STO.
For every person who wants to play Batman there's one who wants to play the Joker. But to me the Borg are for those who like munchkin play, it would be akin to someone playing Galactus in a superhero MMO. And really how fun can it be playing a mindless zombie? And if they're not mindless they're liberated and therefore already a player character.