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Originally Posted by dalolorn View Post
I'm not sure they can save it per character, but come on! FULLY GLOBAL?!
of course they can... all they need to do is move the option from the *Game Wide* "Basic" tab to a Character Specific options Tab like HUD options (would make more sense anyway to have it in the HUD options...)


"Red Alert is the tip of the iceberg though, and we have discussed a few other cool ways the UI could react to important gameplay events. If you have ideas or suggestions, let us know!"

how about: While cloaked -> increase transparency of the whole UI to give it that extra stealthy feel?


i really LIKE that we can resize the minimap now.
but would it be possible to customize what buttons are displayed below the minimap / in the (bermuda) triangle menu? if i increase the size of the minimap i have more room and could easily add a PvP button for example, otherwise there is just empty space, it could do so automatically or via custom option...


i could REALLY live very good without that obsolete Dilithium Store button 24/7 on my UI.
i have used it ONCE so far (for Andorian Weapons, before the Fleet Versions became available) and the content of the D-Store is mostly outleveled at Endgame (most of it is Mk X !!! ....Vendor Trash, either put something in there that people want, or re/move that button).

If the Dilithium Store was a NPC vendor on ESD that would be completely sufficient.
If the button was inside the Replicator, you would still have access to it while inside a mission... without having it below the Minimap 24/7.
Heck... rename it to Industrial Replicator and add it besides the food Replicator.

(and in general i wouldn't mind if stores would just filter out by default any items that are below my level, thank you).

I get why you want the Zen Store there... having it some other place wouldn't hurt either, but i get why you want that one there... in a Free 2 Play game, the Store has to the first thing any player notices, right?
But the D-Store is just not important enough to keep it on top of the UI at all times.

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