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04-18-2013, 06:52 AM
Originally Posted by hypl View Post
How does all of this come up to a $181 value separately? The bundle brings it down to $124.99? How about we see the math first?

Oh wait, Cryptic doesn't like to release those kinds of numbers...
They add up what they're going to (or already) charge for the non-exclusive items separately. They assign a value to the exclusive items, based on what they've charged for similar non-exclusive items. They come up with $181. It's straight math; you'll be able to check it when the non-exclusives that aren't already in the store end up in the store.

Of course the price of the exclusives will never be checkable, but since Cryptic assigns ALL the prices, it's hard to gainsay them on "this is what we would have charged for this if we'd sold it separately".

You can estimate it now, based on what they've charged for similar stuff before. There's nothing in there that doesn't have some analog(s) currently in the store.