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04-18-2013, 07:57 AM
Originally Posted by majesticmsfc View Post
I personally feel a Borg faction should not be done, they are so totally different that the uniqueness and flexibility that goes into character creation and identity just couldn't work for them. Unless it was like a group of liberated drones like from Voyager Unimatrix Zero episodes. But still why even bother. If Cryptic wants more factions go with a True Way faction satisfies both Dominion and Cardassian fans and keeps in line with the factions we currently have.

Being from that community and modding it for some 11+ years, I say say it works for an RTS not a MMO like STO. The Borg are a bad idea period and with the Romulans coming I don't think we need another faction and this comes from a Cardassian fan.
I think I would rather have a seperate Cardassian and Dominion factions rather then a True way Faction. Granted, something like the True Way is probably the closest we are getting to a Cardassian Faction, given the current in-game political climate. But I would still want to keep the Dominion side as a seperate faction so I could at least pretend I was in the Militaristic Cardassian Union.

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Exactly they were still Borg who were all linked together but were not part of the collective. We never knew what happened to those Borg.
Ok, I liberated/unimatrix zero/hugh faction is possible, but I am not sure it would satisfy many of the Borg fans. But that is just something for further discussion. One thing I will say is, it makes the Liberated Borgs that lifers have kind of useless, which I am not sure is a good idea for Cryptic.