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04-18-2013, 06:58 AM
Originally Posted by hypl View Post

So this is like a special C-Store bundle promotion, right? Everything here can be earned in-game or bought from the C-Store at launch?
I have no inside knowledge (everybody knows by now I'm not an employee, right? I'm just a user like you, with some forum janitor powers), but I would assume that everything in there will be for sale in the store (some of it already is; the lockbox keys) except the things that say they are "exclusive" to the pack, which is only a couple of items. None of the ships say exclusive, so presumably they'll be in the store some time.

This is basically a big bundle of store items, with a discounted price and a few extra perks for paying cash instead of using your stored-up Zen. I am willing to bet 14 quatloos that you will be able to buy most of the individual pieces with Zen instead if you so choose, which effectively means they're available via in-game means too via Dilithium trading.

Like anyone, I'd of course like to get more things "free" for my LTS, but there has always been C-Store stuff we don't get for free, and most of this stuff will likely be C-Store stuff; it's just a couple of extra perks for people who pay cash. They don't even affect game play, they're just titles and stuff.