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Why do people think that the legacy pack should include a lifetime membership? I paid 169.00 for my lifetime membership before launch and I now just paid for the legacy pack as well. What people should be asking is "Why is this pack not cheaper for lifetime members?", as we have supported the game with the purchase of lifetime membership (this is just a rhetorical question, I am happy with my purchases). It is unfair to think that every pack that comes out from STO should include a free lifetime membership or perks that are gained by being a lifetime member.

We paid for our perks, so if you want them, I think the best answer is to buy a lifetime membership, as it is truly worth it!


Do LTS members get C-Store ships cheaper? Nope. Do LTS members get C-Store races cheaper? Nope. Do LTS members get Doff Packs cheaper? Nope.

The pack is just a bundle of C-Store items. If you buy the bundle you get the items cheaper then you would if you buy them individually. So buy it all bundled together now for $125.00 or buy it individually later for $181.00. Your choice.

It has nothing to do with being LTS, Gold, or Silver. It's just C-Store items bundled together.
STO is about my Liberated Borg Federation Captain with his Breen 1st Officer, Jem'Hadar Tactical Officer, Liberated Borg Engineering Officer, Android Ops Officer, Photonic Science Officer, Gorn Science Officer, and Reman Medical Officer jumping into their Jem'Hadar Carrier and flying off to do missions for the new Romulan Empire. But for some players allowing a T5 Connie to be used breaks the canon in the game.