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04-18-2013, 07:45 AM
Originally Posted by blaknosity View Post
Im sure Lifetimers get these things legacy unlocked.
Don't be. Being a life-time subscriber will probably give you the Liberated Borg Romulan (perhaps named Borg Augmented Romulan, since the Tal Shiar's been plugging operatives into alcoves on purpose) but nothing beyond that, nor should it.

Most of the ships in the starter pack will probably make their way onto the C-store quite soon, if not on day one. Same for the Boff and race unlock. Now if you're going to go full-on Romulan, because you always wanted to, and expect you'll be buying stuff for them at the same rate people like me do Fed-side, the package, while costly, will save you money in the long run when your self-discipline gives out.

We don't get C-store ships with the LTS, except for the VA token, so maybe, just maybe, you'll get to pick one of three of those ships in the big pack at VA rank, but that would be it.

As for the conversion to Euroes... It's been a while since I paid for something here. (Pre-PWE, quite a lot actually. I'm just still not comfortable dropping my creditcard into this new hornets' nest.) But the last time I did, VAT was added post-purchase, and not included in the listing price. Will need someone who does trust PWE to confirm or refute whether that's still true.

If so, they need to rethink that exchange rate.

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