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Originally Posted by dalnar83 View Post
How many misses were there tho ? Can't believe you always hit ...
This is a good question. No I don't always hit.

The list shown is part of a considerably longer list I keep to help me see any trends whilst tweaking the build. I only record hits from Alpha strikes that result in a kill. The largest I have seen was 94K X2, 188K to a Zilant ship in SBFD but I don't keep a log of hits against NPCs.

Providing the ship you are targeting is moving in a straight line or a gentle curve and is of sufficient size the lance never misses. So the easiest example would be a parked cruiser, the lance will never miss it. Next most difficult is a turning cruiser, then smaller ships such as Raptors. It then becomes progressively more difficult up to the hardest one shots which are bug ships wipping around the sky, the tractor can't hold them lined up well enough and because of the Lance's terrible accuracy it will often miss. I usually wait until said bug ship has stopped moving and is hammering his target, then they are fairly easy to get.

I fire off the graviton pulse at the same time as the tractor which makes it harder for players to avoid, but even then it still misses.

So yes it can and will miss, and the unprepared pilot is likely to miss most of the time, I miss maybe 2 shots every 10.

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