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Originally Posted by devtracker View Post
Well, thats really what I mean. Whether you care about the story or not, the KDF is getting a ton of new episodes/missions, as you can see in the new journal on Tribble.
Purvee1 explains my view on this:

Originally Posted by purvee1 View Post
Trouble is, it looks like a large chunk of it is copy pasted fed stuff. Even down to sticking up one of the more horrible Patrol missions with a slightly different ending.

I'd like to be wrong, as I'm only basing this on some video reviews I've seen, but...
I mean there really wasn't 'anything made' from the looks of things, devtracker.
Just edited content for the federation faction which may or may not make sense to us.
Plus, this is hardly anything substantial as an update- there still needs balance.

Peregrine Falcon seems to outline the exact issues in this listing article:

Not that I'm appreciative of extra story content mind you or being able to go from 1-20..
It just seems like Cryptic are dodging the bullet when Dan Stahl said this quote exactly:

"There will be new Klingon specific content in Season 8 along with a bunch of other stuff."

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