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04-18-2013, 09:42 AM
I have submitted tickets for bugs and never gotten a response either, a couple times i got automatic reponses where their system identifies key words. But, as good as it sounds sometimes those are irrelevent to your ticket. So far, they've all been irrelevent, I have never gotten a real response and all the bugs I submitted still exist since last year.

If it's a game bug that doesn't allow you to exploit features, expect it to never get fixed. If it is a game bug that exploits features, expect it to take them two to three months to fix it.

Their main goal is to promote zen sales, not fix what's broken. Therefore, as much as I love star trek, I have no loyalty to this game. Their next expansion, I hear the purpose to attract old players into coming back. I expect this will not meet their expectations, gamers hold grudges that last a lifetime, they burned those bridges.

I will leave star trek when a space game worth playing comes out and never come back. This game has proven to me how bad customer support can get, how bad leaving bugs in the game can get. They keep adding content which can be nice, but I want the current content to get fixed first.