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04-18-2013, 09:03 AM
These are no doubt ridiculously newbie questions I'm asking here but, well:

  • How does one garner a shared epohh tagging mission within a group?
  • Or do you all have to pick up the mission at the same time and then start tagging?
  • How come I usually only have to wait thirty minutes for the mission cooldown?

I'll be blunt and say the reason why I'm asking about this is because I hardly
ever go into teams, actually! Hold that thought, I mean- never! Go into teams.

For those interested, it's because my current fleet I'm in on the Defense Force is
merely could be said to be an KDF auxillary fleet for my Starfleet character's fleet.

And I'd rather advance in the New Romulan reputation track for LoR (so to be able
to play a Reman) than pursue fresh goodies in the Taskforce Omega reputation track.
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