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Originally Posted by fraghul2000 View Post
He is talking about turning them in. Not getting rewards. So: start READING ffs.

btw: You are the only one doing any actual whining in here.

Yes, there is. Diplomacy for example. Very few, very low-reward missions which no one in his right mind would still be running after hitting Tier 4. If you want to be an inefficient doffer and fill your assignment slots with them, you're free to do so, but don't start putting down what are esentially good ideas (cross-commendation turn-ins), especially if they don't effect you. If you reward the same amount of Fleet Marks per point of commendation, there is absolutely no reason whatsoever to punish that sort of added flexibility.

Anyone who has at least some grasp on the doff system and the rate of how certain commendations progress would agree with a bit more flexible turn-ins.
In that post he is talking about assignments which when turned in give CXP rewards to both disciplines. That's how I read it. Why would you want to customize what disciplines get what rewards? Aren't you supposed to look at what returns you get per assignment?

As for your example for Diplomacy, why would you continue to load missions for a tier which has low rewards? There really isn't any endgame except to get enough CXP to turn in to fleet marks. Besides there are MANY MANY better DOff assignments to use, as I said, assignments that give you stuff, assignments that give you buffs, assignments that give you BOffs and DOffs, and assignments that give you lots of Dilithium. And finally, there are the assignments that allow you to convert CXP to Fleet Marks. Finally, in the case of Diplomacy, you also get them by completing diplomacy assignments in exploration clusters (though I do believe that the rewards for those need to be increased to 50 per pop instead of just 10)

I'll say again, you need to look at what assignments give what rewards. If you really want to complain, complain about the low rewards that some disciplines get. Trade, Recruitment, Diplomacy, and Colonization are the biggest ones in my opinion. The system needs a minor tweak, not new missions because people don't know how to use the system.

Before I end this, all 4 of my characters have Tier 4 on all disciplines. So obviously I was doing something right.
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