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04-18-2013, 09:08 AM
When it comes to the extra ensign tac, I iften see people use that for a beam overload 1 to use as a supplement to a copy of bo 3, freeing the other lt. comm slot for a second attack pattern (omega 1 or beta).

Though lately with the advent of the 'clip' based omega plasma torp I have been seeing a little more use of torpedo spread 1 and 3 in its place because it gives a nice spam-killing spread, has a bit of direct to hull burn, and does not cut into your weapon power. so while the damage is slightly lowered by losing a cannon, it is not lowered further by also draining damage potential.

Also thanks for the Donatra update. Heh though the repulsors stuff still stands. :-P

Oh, and I understand what you mean with teammates not taking full advantage of a beta debuffed enemy through popping their alphas to maximise the damage. But as long as they are shooting, no matter what they are shooting with, they are still dealing more damage than without it. Funniest thing I ever see is a completely unbuffed sci ship doing 2k damage per hit with its beams because of beta stacks.
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