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We strive for a sense of realism in games.

We fly too close to the sun as a matter of course.

We hope to come out the other side unscathed, and the stories we tell afterwards are supposed to be epic.

Is flying into a planet any less. (well actually it is)

Whiteout of sensor in a planets atmosphere was an interesting effect. I've experienced it often when playing crystalline entity missions. I never felt disadvantaged by it. It was something to avoid, true, but it was something that I felt was intrinsic to the mission. You fly to close to the sun, you get burnt.

You still had target lock, you could still ?see? people, you just had to deal with the whiteout of your sensors.

This was not a bad thing. It added to the uniqueness of the mission.

I fly a beam cruiser. I circle the CE, and pick off targets of opportunity. I've had this effect regularly. This is not a bad thing. You've apparently taken it out. With the latest patch. I'd like it reinstated in the interest of storytelling, and dramatic license.

This might add a few more tactics to the game as well. Please don't delete atmosphere flare completely. And please reinstate it in the missions it makes sense.

Yours hopefully