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04-18-2013, 10:38 AM
Originally Posted by neo1nx View Post
don't be that harsh with him guys, he is an engi captain, so yes reaching these number with an engi captain is next to impossible.

and in my opinion, he is rather right no matter what the number you show us matt, let me explain:

you are a tact captain and have a hyper specialize build to make this lance effective, so the numbers are good and i can have the same when my lance didn't miss with my tact buff as well after decloaking.
so just looking at the number you said, wow this things work really good when you do it right! and yes, that true.
the problem is all the things and compromises you are force to do to " do it right"
and in that way, yes, i found the damage to be "meagre".

but don't get me wrong, i don't suggest to boost the lance firepower, i am for alleviating all this stupid mechanism that make it a not reliable weapons in the first place and force you to compensate.

because all galaxy x pilot are not tactical, because all galaxy x pilot don't have the intention to play in kerrat and nothings else, because this ship should not be blocked in ultra specialize pvp build to pretend to be effective.
i known some defiant pilot that do the same if not more damage with a simple BO3 fully buff ( and it didn't have a 3min cooldown on it)

Agreed on all points, it need fixing, big time. Yeah I thought about doing it with a Defiant but I love the Gal and wanted to see the old girl dealing some damage. You may notice a lot more Dreads in kerrat nowadays and I think the message is getting across that in this type of war zone it can be effective with the right build.

I have just about every other ship including two bugs on two different tacs and this is the one I enjoy the most.

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