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Originally Posted by snoggymack22 View Post
Ah you missed the larger context of why I brought that up. For years now the single biggest complaint about this game's c-store has been it offers a Pay to Win model. The biggest point posters use to shoot that down is that everything is available for zen and can be acquired for free.

This pack, however, is not available like that. It's a straight money transaction. It sets a bit of a precedent for that larger discussion.

Sadly I and several others I know already put several hundred into the store already in anticipation of the package given as you stated everything goes through the store and now this is not.

I hate with a deep passion the whole F2P model but yet I still support Cryptic and have spent big money on this game from day one! Hell I spent a couple hundred in the past several weeks. Now they go and pull this crap with the one thing I been waiting for years to do in this game!! Rage and angst does not even begin to cover my anger right now. All they had to do when they made the big announcement was tell us a cash only package will be offered but NO. Get you Zen points now mantra marched on.

What the hell is it with Cryptic and marketing fails? Why not provide detailed information to the community on development and marketing plans? It is not like it is the old days where secrecy was deemed a best practice for premium placement, buzz - etc... This is a Damn F2P company now; information is king and the dollar is god!

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