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04-18-2013, 09:48 AM
Lets see my worst experience in a PVE, I would originally say an Elite Khitomer where I was using my Heavy Escourt Carrier fighting the Scimitar. I love fighting the Scimitar but one time it made short work with my HEC, was complaoning about that, but some how someone dragged the Scimitar to the respawn area where when I respawned I quickly got blown to bits.

But over the pastr few days I have to say that my worst experience is trying to do the crystalline PVE.

Every time I would load it I would always get a Server Not Responding every 5-10 seconds that would last for almost the whole pve and load it at the tail end when it was done. Or when it did finally load I would constantly get the "Server Not Responding" message or get disconnected and not be able to do anything in the pve. Try and reload it and get the same things until I was kicked to my last location like Risa.