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04-18-2013, 12:02 PM
Originally Posted by daroska View Post
  • How does one garner a shared epohh tagging mission within a group?
  • Or do you all have to pick up the mission at the same time and then start tagging?
  • How come I usually only have to wait thirty minutes for the mission cooldown?
Hmm, well you can share the mission if you are on a team as well. So one person can get the mission and then share it with everyone.

But 30 minutes? Really? I'm honestly curious...Because either you are picking up the mission and then doing it about 20 hours later, or for you it is somehow bugged allowing you to run it that quickly.

And it is the actual epohh tagging mission, right? Not just another small mission you can do on New Romulus?

(Not trying to sound rude or anything, just trying to get a better feel of what you are saying)