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@ sander233: I always enjoy seeing continuation of entries, so that in itself was a welcome scene, and at least there were no truncheons this time for Grimes ^_^ I'm not a fan of the Remans as a whole (or at least the way they were presented as a Nosferatu-like monster for Nemesis...) but K'Jetsk came across as a really nicely developed character, totally a part of his upbringing and environment
Yeah, I didn't really like them in Nemesis either. But I loved the way they were developed in The Romulan Mystery FE story arc. Especially in the mission "Frozen" - when you walk around the base and stop and talk to the NPCs, you get a mix of hope, despair and desperation. I tried to write all of those into K'Jetsk.

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@danquellar -
@cosmonaut12345 -
Seriously, where have you two been from previous LCs?! I demand to see more of your work in the future
Agreed. Seriously.

@sander223 - Yay Grimes! But this was about K'Jetsk and I hope to read more about him as I think the future LCs are going to be focused on Romulans until the release of LoR (much like several LCs were devoted to the Borg). I really like the use of song lyrics to set the stage, so to speak. I still plan on doing the same eventually.
I'm not so sure that upcoming LCs will be totally focused on the Romulans. I hope Bran will give us a chance to actually play and develop our characters a little before we're expected to write about their experiences.

At any rate, you will definitely be seeing more of K'Jetsk. He's become in-game Jesu LaRoca's go-to science-medic guy for pretty much all away missions so along with Rusty he'll probably be making an appearance in any future LC that features Jesu and the crew of the Tiburon.

And I yeah, since he seemed to be so popular last time I threw Grimes in there so he could not talk about his past. I'm going somewhere with him, but I'm not entirely sure everyone's going to like it.

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