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04-18-2013, 04:26 PM
Intro: Very Beautiful, but went by too fast to read the text.

The Village: Very, Very nice. Has some definite Neverwinter Feel to it. (The background theme, seems almost identical or very similar).

Love the old TOS BoP in the Background.l

Flotilla: I remember years ago it was intended we get our missions off the Enterprise-E and use that as a HUB, then was going to revive that idea for Omega Fleet. So was nice to see you revive that idea and actually do it for the Romulan Fleet on a D'Deridex. Though wish there was more "room" if you get my drift.

The Suliban Helix: Nice seeing it in person. And love the animation. Though I'm guessing they upgraded their cell ships? The ones on Enterprise were shuttle-pod size.

And not sure, but didn't it say the Helix is orbiting their homeworld? If so, why not add it?

Crateris: Really nice and dreary atmosphere. Though kept hearing thunder, but there no clouds in the sky.

Was shocked when I saw a Reman Female (who later joins your crew). And good ol Slamek........still can't shoot him. (I know, was before then. But I so wanted to).

The fight against that dreadnaught, was easy at first, but the second time it did that scan animation, it 1-shot me, so didn't really get that indication it was going to do that. So might want to make the animation more ominous.

Blues: It was eh okay, but more had that feeling of "go here, scan that" approach. Especially the ending.

New Romulus:


1) Didn't like the enemy poping up as soon as you dropped it. You would've saw them coming on sensors.

2) Noticed that Dewa III, later known as Mol'Rihan, doesn't have the same planet model as we have now.

Ground: Disappointed at the planet in having a snake path going left to right in an attempt to make the zone bigger. It was a massive disappointment in that respect. Would've prefered a free range world to explore.

The Tholians..........doesn't make sense why they were there before the new Capitial was established. Felt that aspect was really weak. Especially how we found the sword - in the stone.

Also felt the fight was a bit tough for my BOs as they don't find cover.

Turning Point:

Felt some doors shouldn't have been locked. Just felt unnecessary runaround.

Saw the Power Ranger HQ outside (the site of the Khitomer Conference, which I'm surprised wasn't the building we were holding the meeting in).

Why were the Tal'Shiar mingling near D'Tan?

Klingon Dialogue was okay, but I felt offended more by the Federation Dialogues. Sugihara just rambled, while T'Nae was acting.......not much like a Vulcan with her dialogue. I felt this took away from how canonical Starfleet would've handled things.

Why are we allowed to run around at a diplomatic conference ---- armed????

Why is nobody saying anything about us disarming bombs? I was half expecting to cause a diplomatic crisis in being caught disarming and accused of planting!

The End..........well was nice, but would've been nice if there was more to the scene than.........boom.

BTW, Dialogue Error. When we were contacted of ships in orbit, you guys said "found something on radar"........ RADAR?? I really don't think Romulans use "Radar".

Neutral No More:

I thought that we didn't have to make the choice of alliance until Level 40???

Be nice if first-time Romulan players got to know what they are in for when choosing a side. The Explainations was outright abyssmal!

Last but not Least:

Where's the money?

From begginging to the decision, I only made 50 EC and 0 Dilithium. How are we to make a living???

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