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Originally Posted by twam View Post
Three things:
1) You might want to replace tach beam with Hazard Emitters, in there. I'd say HE2 and move Polarise Hull to the ensign position - Tach beam is really underwhelming unless in a very specific build.

2) I suspect you're using 2 energy types for the procs, but you'll be even more effective choosing one and sticking to it. The energy type-specific consoles add more damage than the prefire chambers.

3) Why a Biofunction Monitor? Crew, sadly, isn't very important, as it is, and these consoles are even less effective. If you're going for the hull repair from crew, see point 1: Hazard Emitters is an excellent hull heal, and it clears plasma burn Just use a shield cap or regen console instead.

And use all energy-specific tac consoles. If using polarons, just slot 4 polaron consoles, for instance. Really. See point 2. Your torps will punch regardless of that single console.
Cool - some really good advice that I'll try out tonight

Thanks heaps,