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04-18-2013, 04:04 PM
awesome map, sound and feeling!!!

Some remarks to Virinat Ground:
  • The intro isnt skipable.
  • The intro appears automaticaly a second time, when you switch the instance of the map.
  • The NPC are able to push you away, it sucks especially during dialogs.
  • During the bombing-cutscene, my char scans a injured citizen, without a medscanner.
  • Some animation flicker-issues, when i want to switch my weapon, when I wear it on my back.
  • During the short cutscene, where the little robots attack the citizens, the throat attacking robots are not visible.
  • After cutscenes, it takes a while till the chatbox reappears.

Virinat Space:
  • Still the Federation computer voice eg.:"ship is under attack".

  • Directly after the (federation) loading screen, between the map switch from virinat sector to romulan flottila, you see shortly a frame of the groundmap.
  • Advance customizing the survivor warrior uniform at tailor: wrist attach left has a predefined colourset, the right one not.
  • When I save and approve my changes, it wouldnt show in the overview page. Ive to close the tailor or switch to the another window and go back to the overview to see the changes.

to be continued...

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