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# 1 Ground Combat needs a makeover
04-18-2013, 05:52 PM
Some of the features of ground combat need reworked. The features that really stick out are these-

Crouch/Kneel - This maneuver in real life is used in order to steady your rifle and improve your aim, that part I can go along with but it also gives you damage resistance from physical attacks. Really? All I need do is kneel and the guy punching or swinging a sword at me isn't going to hurt me as bad? To fix this and make it plausible Cryptic needs to scrap the dmg resistance and make it so when you crouch you do bonus dmg with your weapon and if you're already aiming you do a bit more dmg. For dmg resistance they need to incorporate a feature Champions has which is a block. The block would mitigate some physical (Would not mitigate energy dmg from weapons) dmg but could only be used while standing. Also if you're kneeling/crouching it should be easier to know you down.

Melee Knock down/Knock back - These work fine but the only problem I have is when you see some itty bitty toon knock a huge Gorn down or back. I agree this can be done but it should be really hard to do. I recommend species/characters that have a bonus to strength get a bonus to resist knock downs/backs, the bigger the strength bonus the bigger the resist.

Martial Arts - You get HtH moves if you don't have a weapon slotted and you can equip a kit to give you more moves. I recommend they scrap the kit and create a 3 button MA that you can equip like you do weapons or maybe it would overwrite the basic HtH moves allowing you to still slot 2 weapons. This would allow players more choices for their character. They could create moves for kung fu, karate, judo, etc. Also they could come up with MA moves for the various races. How many of you would like your Klingon to be able to use Mok'bara or be able to use claw attacks with your Caitan? How many of you would slap down cash at the c-store for this? Also these should be open to all career paths and not just tac officers.

Grenades - All military people learn to throw a grenade just like they learn to fire a weapon. Grenades need to be a consumable that you can buy and equip in your device slot. To balance it out you could up the cool down time or limit the number carried on the sci and eng officers or do both.

These are all I can think of at the moment but if anyone has more feel free to add on to this list.