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04-18-2013, 05:26 PM
To answer a couple questions:

-The D'deridex has a base turn rate of 5.5, which is still low, but comparable to the Bortas. I'll check into why it might be displaying so low on the store. Some of the D'deridex's Singularity abilities can help to compensate for the low turn rate, and there will be more details coming on that (as well as the Refit and Retrofit versions of the D'deridex) soon.

-The lower power levels for Warbirds are intentional. Warbirds currently start with a base of 40 power to all subsystems, plus a ship-specific bonus (in the case of the T'liss, +5 Engines and +10 Weapon Power). This is to help counterbalance the power of the Singularity abilities that these ships have access to. We are still iterating on this and welcome player feedback. There are blogs coming to describe some of this further.