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04-18-2013, 05:30 PM
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However, there's an update coming that fixes what happens when the section you're controlling dies. Currently, if your personal section is destroyed, the other two parts immediately despawn and re-attach when you respawn. The coming update fixes it so that they remain split and respawn with you separately, which is nice.
This fix, when it gets implemented, will make the MVAE extremely deadly in my eyes. As a primarily KDF player for PVP, the MVAE is very nasty in the hands of a competent captain, one of the best Escorts short of a JHAS. When seperated, it becomes alot more maneuverable than it already is, which is high. It gives up some for that maneuverability and there's 3 different forms of sepration for different bonuses and penalties.

The SCI LtCdr also gives the option for more survivability or offense.

The MVAE does not have the full TAC-heavy BOFF suite like the Defiant and some other Escorts. But it strikes a balance of offense with a touch of science, provides the option of seperation, highly maneuverable, and if you have the Fleet version, 5 TAC console slots. Hard to go wrong with the MVAE. It offers more things than a 1 dimensional Escort like the Defiant that has no options with its terrible ENG & SCI BOFF slots.