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The D'Deridex is the iconic Romulan ship, more so then any other due to it having the most screen time of all, and TNG being where Romulans were really introuced to us more so then in TOS. Many of us are making Romulans specifically for this ship, and unfortunatley what I hear about its stats are very disturbing.

Somone posting the stats from tribble shows it has the same boff layout as the Gal-R
Lt tac, Cmdr Eng, Lt Cmdr Eng, Ensign Eng, Lt Sci. Also the ship is said on the blog to be less manuverable then the Galaxy. If this is true it will make the ship useless, and this is a very bad start for the Romulan faction and you will have a lot of angry Romulan fans

I understand this was likely the statss for a 9 console Z-store retrofit of the D'Deridex, and there would be a Fleet version also. However even if a Fleet version does have a more tac heavy boff layout, they can at least make sure not to stick the retrofit version with a useless 3rd engineering ensign, and make sure the turn isn't worse then a Galaxy.

What was done to the Galaxy was a mistake that disapointed many TNG fans, please don't also do this to the D'Deridex too, or I doubt I will spend anything on any other Romulan stuff either because I won't make a Romulan if the D'Deridex is left with bad boff layout/turn.