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# 1 trying to optomize
04-18-2013, 05:42 PM
I just hit 50 today
and thats what I have at the moment. look at the ship gear and the skills rest is blank

i don't give a rats batooty about ground combat, it's just a necessary evil to me, anyway i'm trying to optimize, I was thinking about going antiproton and focusing on crits but nothings set in stone.

The type of build I am looking for is strait damage with heavy defense. I'm not one for all the science flourishes. I want to strait up melt face, but I want self sufficiency with defenses to let me outlast those I'm destroying. with that skill set up and an escort ship i sit perfectly at 125 weps power and then 70 shields, 41 engine, 41 aux. I normally open up while at full wep power by using a beam overload then pop a wep battery to bring me back to max. while i beat on them. I prefer the shorter cooldowns on beam array powers over cannon ones but I'm not against going cannons if it'd be better for me. also when I play i tend not to move much i like to sit just inside 10km.

I'm thinking of getting the armitage as well

EDIT: the links not showing that ltc tact spot, its high yield 3

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