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04-18-2013, 05:55 PM
Like the rest of us REAL Romulans (you know those of us loyal to the Romulan Republic) you should be looking at flying the Mogai retrofit or one of the other BoP type ships at T5. Not that hulking whale of a target. It's old. It's dated. It's junk from the RSE's navy that is barely space worthy in the glory of the new Republic. While we REAL Romulans spent our time farming and tagging Epohhs to build a new homeworld for the shattered remnants of our once glorious empire, we learned a lesson. That lesson is Turn Rates of 15 or higher, Battle Cloak or Regular Cloak, and DHCs mixed with high yield torps = success in space.

Give up on the D'Deridex. It's slated to be the Ticklebeam Cloakboat that the REAL Romulans make fun of as we pew pew pew right past it in our Mogais.