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04-18-2013, 06:06 PM
So someone enthusiastic as you seem to be about playing Romulans would just accept the D'Deridex being given crappy stats? Even if you don't want to play it don't you realize that this ship is essential to the faction to get a lot of people to be willing to play it.

The D'Deridex is the iconic Romulan ship as I explained earlier, because TNG and later DS9 really introduced us to Romulans and the D'Deridex was always the main ship. Giving up on it is not an option. The T5 BOP is just a retrofit of a t1 ship that is based on the TOS design, if they can do that, that also means the D'Deridex is also given updated technology, so its no more obsolete then that T5 BOP you want me to fly. The Mogai is okay, but not really as iconic as it was just in 1 movie. I'll probably use all of them but the D'Deridex will be my main ship as long as they don't mess the stats up.