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Originally Posted by wanderintx View Post
I've only recently started doing STFs, but here's what I've picked up so far:
1. Anti-protons seem to be the weapons of choice for the crit damage and since the borg appear to shrug off the procs of other weapons.
AP used to be the weapon of choice, but procs of other weapons have been buffed since then, and AP weapons are harder to get a hold of, particularly MK XII (Borg used to drop tokens to get weapons of your choice, but no longer). Nowadays going Disruptor for the resistance debuff or going with something that gets it's damage buffed by things in addition Tac Consoles, like Polaron buffed by Jem'Hadar set or Plasma buffed by Romulan Singularity Harness or Embassy Consoles would be what I recommend. Though, with the Vesta, going Phaser for buffing the QFFP deflector phaser and/or using the Aux Cannons would be very nice (otherwise I'd avoid Phaser as the immunity and randomness of the proc make it less useful in STFs).

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