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04-18-2013, 06:28 PM
Thanks for all the compliments, folks -

I was not really a fan of the Remans either (what, the Romulan mythos is so boring that we need to add a race of miner-vampires, Nemesis guy?) but I like what they've done with them in the series. I like seeing from their perspective, particularly the ones with family connections to Obisek, as that seems like a plausible guerilla backstory, especially in a Trek context.

(I deliberately did _not_ give Othan much in the way of positive feelings about Remans. He does favor Reman independence, however, and thinks the idea of an independent Reman republic far, far away from him is a great idea)

I like what people are doing with this, and presenting a story as a surveillance log makes sense. That's what Romulan life is all about!